healing your past for better health

Your Past Can Be Healed

Healing hands

Much of that which troubles us emanates from the past. Our past. Others impact on that past, but ultimately it is our past to own and our own past to heal.

You can heal your past too. It takes work, it isn’t easy, and you do often need to go deep within yourself to start achieving that healing process. But the benefits for your health – both mental and physical – and for those around you as you start to become an even better version of you, can be quite astounding.

Everybody is of course different however. The time it takes to begin the healing process varies enormously. The time is takes to complete it is, well, open ended. It’s a job that is never truly complete. Just as were ourselves are never truly complete. Each day we live we learn and develop. We have a choice to remain the same, or become a better version of ourselves. But for the health of ourselves, our loved ones and that of the planet I strongly recommend you choose the latter option too.

Love and light,